Galty Sunset
Looking down the Glen of Aherlow from the foot of the Knockgraffon Motte with a mix of normal and lenticular clouds.

Lenticular clouds are formed by the wind-flow around and over mountains. As such they do not move with the wind but sit stationary whilst normal clouds fly by. Since the wind-flow is usually smooth the clouds are usually smooth in shape and, as here, sometimes multi-layered.

This is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo made from five shots each of which were taken two stops apart in exposure to cope with the enormous range of brightness levels in the scene. Part of the sun is in the shot (bottom right) and the valley was in dark shadow. A single shot, exposed for the sunset, would have resulted in solid black valley and hills. In the HDR shot you can even see cows grazing in the field.

Photography In and Around Cahir

More people than ever now enjoy photography, thanks mainly to the tremendous growth in digital camera technology and inkjet printing. If you are a keen amateur photographer or even if your old film camera just sees daylight on holidays and at christmas, there is a huge amount of subject matter in Cahir and the surrounding area.

For many people the natural scenery of the area, with mountains, streams, woods, rivers and spectacular skies will be the big attraction. For others it might be the unique streetscapes, old shop fronts, ruined churches and abbeys that will be the attraction. For some it will be the man-made landscape of the farmland in the Golden Vale but whatever your preference it is here in abundance.

The positioning of the mountains, and the prevailing south-west winds frequently result in the formation of 'lenticular' clouds and other spectacular formations which often lead to great sunsets. The photo below is an example of an unusual sunset taken in September 2009.

We intend to feature the work of local photographers with a gallery on this page so check back from time to time to take a look.

Photo, Galty sunset looking down the Glen of Aherlow. B Davis

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