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Cycling In and Around Cahir

Touring around the area on a bicycle is an excellent way to see the area. However, many of the 'backroads' are quite narrow and have high hedgerows so lots of caution is required. There is very little traffic but this can lead to some complacency so take care. Some of the mountain roads that criss-cross over the Knockmealdowns (there are none that cross the other ranges) are long and steep so you need to be reasonably fit. If you ride regularly this should not be a problem.

Many of the regular roads in Ireland (National or 'N' roads and some Regional 'R' roads) have something that is almost unique - they have a hard-shoulder breakdown lane. Something only usually found on motorways and divided highways in other countries. Technically it is not legal to drive or ride along the hard shoulders since they are for emergencies. However, it is common practice for vehicles and cycles to temporarily move over to the hard shoulder to allow a faster vehicle to pass (overtaking or passing is not generally regarded as an insult or an invitation to race, as it is in many countries). Passing vehicles will flash their hazard warnings to say "thanks" and the passed vehicle will usually flash their headlights back to say "that's ok mate" - its all very pleasant.

We plan to post some recommended cyling tours on this site so keep checking back for more information.


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