The Police service in Ireland is called the Garda Síochána (pronounced garda shee-ocana) which means civic guard. Generally this is abbreviated to The Garda, the Gardai (Gardee) or the Gards. An individual officer is called a Gard.

Emergency Services

Emergency Phone Numbers 999 or 112

No coins required in pay-phones

Cahir Garda Station (District HQ)

Clonmel Road

Tel: 052 7445630

South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel

On the Cahir side of Clonmel (13km from Cahir). From Cahir you arrive in Clonmel at a large roundabout (rotary). Pass directly through this (i.e. 12 o'clock exit), immediately passing the Poppy Field shopping centre (straight through its entrance roundabout) and on to another roundabout with a Y-shaped road layout. Take the left fork of the Y (actually straight on from where you enter the roundabout. The hospital is a few hundred metres ahead, on the left just after a mini-roundabout.

Tel: 052 6177000

Caredoc (emergency doctors)

Tel: 1850 334999

Fire Brigade

Cahir has a well equiped fire service operating from a modern fire-station on Barrack Street.

Mountain Rescue

A mountain rescue service operates in the area. Tel: 999 or 112

River Rescue

A river rescue service operates in the area. Tel: 999 or 112

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