Photo, the lady knight gathers the hoops

The Norman Invasion

Against the magnificent and highly appropriate backdrop of Cahir Castle, local residents and visitors were entertained by an equally magnificent display of fine horsemanship, jousting, falconry and archery. A variety of stalls in a mediaeval setting, close to the castle, added to the atmosphere of the weekend.

The 'performers' had arrived in Cahir from the set of a new Stephen Spielberg film and acted out the exploits of knights, including a lady knight, at a jousting competition.

The photographs below will give some idea of the spectacle and the the fun.

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Photo - The Waterford Knight on target. B Davis
Photo, the Black Knight cheats. B Davis
Photo, the Lady Knight charges the spinning target. B Davis
Photo - Lady knight gathers the hoops
Photo, the Black Knight responds to the crowd's jeering. B Davis
Photo, the Lady scores a direct hit.B Davis
Photo, The Tipp Knight and the Lady Knight exchange courtesies before the joust. B Davis
Photo, the Tipp Knight charges. B Davis
the gold knight destroys the targets

The tournament is eventually won by the Golden Knight but the Black Knight protests, runs down the Golden Knight with his horse and ties him to the swivelling target. As he is about to kill the Knight the Lady attacks him, sees him off and cuts the Golden Knight free. The Black Knight returns and is defeated by the Golden Knight.

Photo - The gold knight charges at the targets

After the jousting there was an excellent display of falconry with some beautiful birds. It was also interesting to see one of the Falcons getting mobbed by Swallows to protect their young. What brave little birds these must be to go up against a bird so much bigger than they are.

Photo, the Lady Knight escapes the flying ball. B Davis
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Photo, the wounded Knight leaves the arena. B Davis
Photo, acrobatic display on horseback 1. B Davis
Photo, acrobatic display on horseback 4, B Davis
Photo, acrobatic display on horseback 2, B Davis
Photo, acrobatic display on horseback 5, B Davis
Photo, acrobatic display on horseback 6, B Davis
The audience were treated to a fine display of acrobatic horsemanship.
Photo, acrobatic display on horseback 8, B Davis
Photo, acrobatic display on horseback 7, B Davis

At full gallop the Knights skilfully knocked various targets off poles in the first stages of the tournament —but the Black Knight cheated by just strolling along and tapping them off. Boo, hissss!!!

What, me Ref—are you blind!
When you hit this one it spins around and a big iron ball can hit you in the back of the head.
Missed me!
Come on Tipp—pretend its a Kilkenny Hurler!

Following the acrobatics the knight-on-knight jousting began in ernest.

Left - the Tipperary Knight and the Lady Knight exchange pleasantries before their joust.


Below - The Lady scores a direct hit, where it hurts most, and the Tipp Knight leaves the field with watery eyes. Did the chivalrous Tipp Knight throw the fight? We will never know.

Photo, black Knight attacks Gold Knight. B Davis
Photo, Lady Knight attacks Black Knight. B Davis
All good friends again, the Knights salute the audience, take their bows in front of Cahir Castle and pose for a mediaeval photograph.
Photo, the Golden Knight defeats the Black Knight. B Davis
Photo, Falconer with bird. B Davis
Photo, the Knights salute the audience in front of Cahir  castle. B Davis
Photo, Falcon in tree. B Davis
Photo, view of the mediaeval village. B Davis
B Davis