Cahir castle is built on an island in the river Suir. The river splits into two at the bridge and passes around the castle. The large area of the island that is outside the castle walls is known locally as the 'Inch Field'. The field is accessed via a foot bridge for pedestrians and a ford in the river for vehicles and horses. The river is not wide at this point—the wider branch of the river is on the other side of the castle.

Carriage Driving Trials 2011

Cahir's first Horse Carriage Driving Trials took place over the weekend of June the 18th and 19th. Organised by Horse Sport Ireland's carriage driving section, the town experienced a completely new form of horse-sport. Saturday saw the two-day event's first two phases take place on the "Inch Field" against the backdrop of Cahir's impressive Norman castle.
Dressage and Cones driving competitions entertained and amazed fans of the sport as well as unsuspecting locals and tourists.
A spectacular entrance to the Inch field was guaranteed as the only access is through a crossing of the River Suir. All 24 competitors made their way safely across this first 'obstacle', while hundreds of interested spectators watched the splashing from the nearby wooden foot bridge.
After the Novice classes some of the more experienced drivers—from as far afield as Derry—provided a stunning spectacle of horsemanship and control over up to four horses from the seat of their carriage.
On Sunday at noon the first of the competitors set off from their base at the Cork Marts premises and tackled an 18 km marathon course. The final 7 km were made especially challenging by the five specially constructed obstacles to test the skill, stamina and bravery of horses and drivers.
Two intricate water obstacles at Kedrah Castle proved to separate the 'men' and 'women' from the 'boys' and 'girls'.
The fastest driver and groom combination through each obstacle was awarded the least penalty score. In some of the sponsored obstacles competitors were able to collect feed vouchers and other prizes for their excellent times achieved.
The five obstacles proved a focus point of attention for the hundreds of spectators who gathered at Kedrah and at the Inch field, where the fifth and final obstacle was situated. This tight labyrinth—the BMW triangles—sponsored by Morrison Motors BMW, Cahir, caused lots of problems for some competitors! The fact that a brand new BMW X3 formed the centrepiece added to the challenge.
The town of Cahir really pulled off a fantastic community effort (over 35 volunteers helped out) and the local organising committee deserved all the credit they received from the townspeople and guests who had travelled from all parts of Ireland to see this spectacular event. It was a long time since local businesses had sold out all stock in a day!
If the support of the town and County Council can be secured again in 2012, an even bigger event will be staged at this fantastic venue next year.

Folke Rohrssen, HSI-CDS

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Photo, exiting an obstacle at the Cahir Horse Carriage Driving event. B Davis
Photo, approaching an obstacle, Cahir carriage driving trials. B Davis
Photo, horse carriage trials Cahir castle. B Davis
Photo, horse trial dressage in front of Cahir castle. B Davis
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Photo, Carriage driving trials Cahir, Tipperary, Ireland. B Davis
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Photo, Horse Carriage trials, Cahir castle. B Davis

Photo, emerging from a water obstacle at the Horse Sport Ireland carriage driving event at Cahir, Tipperary. B Davis

Photo, crossing a branch of the river Suir to get to the Inch Field bhind Cahir Castle. B Davis

Photo, negotiating a water obstacle at the Cahir carriage driving trials. B Davis
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Photo, entering a water obstacle at the Cahir Carriage driving event. B Davis
Photo, negotiating a water obstacle at the Cahir Carriage driving trials. B Davis
Photo, In a water obstacle, Cahir carriege driving. B Davis
Photo, emerging from another water obstacle. Cahir event of Carriage driving trials. B Davis
Photo, emerging from a water obstacle at the Cahir HSI Carriage driving event. B Davis
Photo, into a water obstacle at the Cahir Carriage driving trials. B Davis