Cahir's First Pantomime for Decades...

"That's Cinderella", Cahir's first pantomime for many years, took place from Thursday the 5th to Sunday the 8th of January 2012 in the Parochial Hall, Cahir.

To say that the production was a rousing success is a bit of an understatement and it created quite a buzz in the town for several weeks. The smiles on the faces of the audiences as they left the hall, having given the cast standing ovations at several performances, said it all. The performances, the singing and the band were excellent.

The success of the show came on several levels. The audiences clearly enjoyed it and this was the most satisfying element for the cast and the production team. The cast enjoyed it and are itching to do more. There is already talk about next year's panto but a summer show is also being discussed. It might be hard to believe but most of the cast had never been in a stage production before. Nerves were terrible at times but they have all 'got the bug' now. Just as importantly a lot more people have said that they would like to get involved in the next show, either on stage or helping in other ways.

Another big success was the community spirit shown throughout the rehearsals and the performance week. Lots of people in the town and surrounding areas helped out in many ways and everyone involved with the show volunteered their services. This was a true community effort from the town and from the surrounding area.

One of the standing ovations was a bit special. Usually a few people stand, a few people follow and then the rest feel obliged to do the same, but on this occassion the entire audience stood as one—instantly.

Congratulations to all involved for a job very well done.




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Sisters, sisters.....there were never such devoted sisters!!!
image of performance heading
A rehearsal in full swing on the stage of the Parochial Hall
Prince Rupert (Michaela Maher) with Cinderella (Clodagh Lalor)
Photo of fairy godmother and Buttons
Photo of the prince with Cinderella
Two little farmhands (Emily and Lucy Caplice)
King Cuthbert the Convivial (Jerry Griffin)
photo of the ugly sisters
photo, the ugly sisters sing at the Cahir Pantomime, Tipperary, Ireland

The Fairy Godmother (Aisling O Brien) with Buttons (Ódhrán McCarthy).

Baron Hardup and his wife the evil stepmother (Barry Condon and Michelle O'Donoghue)

The ugly sisters (Vinny Conran and Patrick Caplice)
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Photo of Baron Hardup and the eveil stepmother
photo of the king in Cinderella
photo of two little farm-hands
Phot, rehearsal for the Cahir Pantomime 2012
The stage is set—costumes and make-up are on and the performers are ready—the musicians are ready—lights, sound, props, stage manager and stage-crew are ready—and the audience are seated in anticipation of the serious drama about to unfold. Well, not exactly a serious drama...
photo, audience waiting for the start of the Cahir pantomime
Photo, Buttons gets his ToDo list from the wicked stepmother
Buttons, Baron Hardup's manservant, gets a short list of jobs from the Baron's wife, the wicked stepmother of Cinderella
Photo, the King sings at the ball
Photo, fairy godmother sings. Cahir pantomime
photo, the Baron tells of his woes. Cahir Pantomime, Tipperary, Ireland
Photo, the fairy godmother dances with the townsfolk
photo, Buttons gets ready to go to the ball
Photo, Cinderella and her fairy godmother admire the new dress. Cahir pantomime 2012
Photo, Cinderella transformed with new dress
Photo, Cinderella in rags
CLICK on the photo above to see the fairy godmother magically change Cinderella's ragged dress into a fine ball gown. You may have to click twice—she doesn't always get it right first time!
The Fairy Godmother sings "nobody loves a fairy when she's fourty"
"Oh my dear, it really is the finest creation I have ever conjured up!"
The Fairy Godmother dances with the townfolk
Buttons is ready to go to the ball (under duress) with the wicked stepmother and gives a fine rendition of an Elvis number in the kitchen. He even has his blue suede shoes on.
The Baron tells of his woes under the shadow of a giant box of his wifes poisonous custard powder
Photo, Cinderella runs off at midnight leaving the Prince to sing about his lost love
At the ball Cinderella dances with the Prince while the King entertains his guests with a fine song. On the right Buttons dances with the stepmother and, on the left the ugly sisters compete for the attention of the Prince's friend Dandini
At midnight Cinderella makes a hasty exit, leaving the Prince to sing about his lost love. The other guests are also sad to see her go so suddenly.
photo, the ugly sisters with their mother
photo, Buttons and the Baron perform a duet
Buttons and the Baron sing and dance a spirited duet. The Baron gets his dance moves from the TomTom GPS mounted on his walking frame! "Two steps forward, one left, slow slow quick quick slow."
photo, Dandini questions the wicked stepmother about some underear left behind at the ball
The wicked stepmother and the ugly sisters argue over which of them the Prince liked the best.
phot ofstepmother trying on the slipper
photo, the ugly sisters try on the slipper
photo, Buttons and the Prince chase Cinderellas pet mice to get the slippers
Dandini questions the stepmother about some ungergarments left at the Palace after the ball, much to the amusement of the Prince and footman.
photo of the Prine and Cinderella reunited
phot of celebration for the Prince and Cinderella

The wicked stepmother and the ugly sisters try on the slipper without success, even though they cheated.

Buttons and the Prince chase Cinderella's two pet mice who have been seen with a slipper each, meaning that the Prince's lost love must be nearby!
The Prince and Cinderella are soon reunited and, watched by the pet mice, sing a happy song.
The wedding is announced and the two families, friends and mice settle in to a grand session!
The Prime Minister, wearing a fashionable hat and a....chandelier?, checks to see if the Prince is getting on well with Cinderella
photo of the entire cast of That's Cinderella, the January 2012 pantomime for the Cahir area in Tipperary, Ireland
The entire cast of That's Cinderella, the January 2012 pantomime for the Cahir area in county Tipperary, line up for a photo after taking their well deserved bows on the final night of the production.
photo of the Prime Minister checking to see if the Prince is getting on well with Cinderella