Photo of the Cliff Lifts at Scarborough. Courtesy of Scarborough town council.

Our Twin Town Scarborough

Cahir is twinned with the well known town of Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. Famed for its 'Scarborough Fair' the town also lays claim to being the UK's first ever seaside resort.

The twinning of Cahir and Scarborough, in 2003, resulted from regular contacts between the two towns over a number of years. These included sporting contests, incuding Gaelic sports. Coachloads of supporters also travelled to these matches. Annual holiday visits also took place between the towns and a trust fund was established to fund holidays to Cahir for children from the Hinderwell Community Primary School who might otherwise not have had a holiday.

With all of this activity the twinning of the two towns became fairly inevitable. Both towns were famous for their annual 'Fairs'—though Simon and Garfunkle never sang about the fair of Cahir. Historically Cahir had been an important trading center with a weekly fair and a number of larger fairs and markets held annually. Scarborough Fair also had its origins as a trading fair and, like Cahir, this had changed to be a purely entertaining and fun event. As a result the twinning theme in Cahir became "The Fair of Cahir meets Scarborough Fair".

Celebrations in Cahir went on over five days in late August and early September 2003 with lots of music, dance, competitions, demonstrations, and fun for the kids. A modest quantity of Guinness and other tasty liquids were also consumed. The signing ceremony took place in the Castle and the grand finale was a spectacular fireworks display over the castle.

Similar activities then followed in Scarborough.


Photo of Scarborough Castle. Coursesy of Scarborough Town Council

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